Mini Pedestal Craft

a miniature wood pedestal painted white and trimmed with gingham ribbon. A decorate vine ball sits on top of it.

It's easy to make this super cute mini pedestal craft trimmed with any type of ribbon. Have small pedestals for sale at your craft shows, in your Etsy store, or make them as gifts or add to your own home decor.

Everyone will love this mini pedestal craft, and it's easy enough for crafters at any level.

a miniature wood pedestal painted white and trimmed with gingham ribbon. A decorate vine ball sits on top of it.

These simple instructions for making mini pedestals are meant to be a jumping off point, or an inspiration for your craft business. You can see on Etsy that there are lots of different types of mini pedestals for sale, and I know that you can see the money making opportunities with this one.

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Mini pedestal risers are for sale on Etsy right now starting around $9 each. Pedestals handmade from wood or with special details are listed for much more. Supplies for this craft will cost around $5 each, but can be much less if you use things you already have on hand or if you get creative with your supplies sourcing.


Make your mini pedestals special by painting them different colors, adding rare and unique ribbon, or even varying the shape.

White and gray painted mini pedestals are still very popular among people who enjoy the farmhouse look, while black, pastel colors, jewel tones, and natural wood can be marketed at those interested in more modern, cottagecore, or lagom style items.

Let's go! These mini pedestals are really simple to make.

supplies needed to make min pedestal craft


  • 4 or 5 inch Wooden Candlesticks – you can use taller ones, shorter ones, or any shape you like.
  • 4 inch Wooden Circles – for these ribbon trimmed pedestals, the thickness of the circles doesn't matter that much. Buying in bulk makes these very inexpensive.
  • White Chalk Paint – the texture of chalk paint makes it very easy to use.
  • Mod Podge – to seal your paint, you can use simple mod podge, or any sealer you already have.
  • 3/8 inch Ribbon – Here I'm using a Buffalo plaid in black and white.

Note: I'm providing links here so that you can easily order everything that you need on Amazon, however you may get better prices shopping your local craft store. Thank you in advance for using these affiliate links.

You'll Also Need:


photo collage showing how to make wooden painted pedestals
  1. Paint. Use the chalk paint to fully cover the candlesticks with white paint. Then paint the tops and sides of the wood circles. Allow them to dry.
photo collage of two steps needed to make painted  pedestals from wood
  1. Glue. Once the painted pieces are dry, use hot glue to attach the wood circles to the tops of the candlesticks.
two photos of steps needed to make a craft
  1. Touch up and Seal. You can paint the underside of the pedestals, particularly if you're making these to sell. Seal the entire painted project with Matte mod podge and allow to dry.
two images showing how to glue ribbon onto mini pedestals
  1. Add Ribbon. Using school glue or craft glue (hot glue won't work well here), attach the ribbon to the wood circle, being sure that the top edge of the ribbon lines up with the top edge of the wood circle. Trim with scissors to make a clean edge.
a mini white pedestal with plaid ribbon

That's it! Don't they look great? If I were going to sell these mini pedestal crafts, I might consider using leather or faux leather ribbon to make them extra cool. How would you make these mini pedestals fly off the shelves of your Etsy shop?


Yield: 1-100 mini pedestals

Mini Pedestal Stand Craft

a miniature wood pedestal painted white and trimmed with gingham ribbon. A decorate vine ball sits on top of it.

These mini pedestals are super simple to make with some wooden supplies and paint. Use your creativity to make them your own.

Active Time: 5 minutes
Paint Drying Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy



    1. Use a foam brush to paint candlesticks and wood circles white.
    2. Spread hot glue on top of candlesticks and center painted circles on top, creating pedestals.
    3. Use a foam brush to paint Mod Podge all over pedestals.
    4. When Mod Podge dries, use school glue to attach ribbon around the edge of pedestals. Snip ribbon
      where the edges meet.


  • Please get creative with this craft idea, especially if you want to sell these. There are so many ways that you can make these extra special.
  • If you plan to make many of these, look to buy the wood supplies in bulk to keep costs low.

Binge crafter is here to help you make money using your crafty gifts and skills! If you love this craft idea, please leave a comment and let me know. I'd also love to know what you've been making lately!

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