How To Make Glitter Resin Keychains

a hand holding a handmade glitter resin keychain with a buffalo bills decal and a blue tassel

Resin is a super popular craft medium because it is fairly simple to use and can create some really fantastic results. Here I'm showing you how easy it is to make a glittery resin keychain using UV curing resin, glitter, and an acrylic keychain blank.

Add your favorite vinyl design to personalize glitter resin keychains in whatever way you like! Me, I'm a Buffalo Bills Fan, so I am in love with this Bills keychain, and will carry it proudly, especially right now, because we're in the playoffs! Yay!

buffalo bills glitter keychain on a white background.

Ok, back on topic. This keychain was made for BingeCrafter by the lovely Sandy from Walnut Workshop. I've been enjoying her tiktok feed lately, so please give her a follow! Sandy makes all sorts of awesome glittery things, and is in the process of setting up an Etsy shop to increase her visibility.

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What You Need to Make a Glitter Keychain from Resin

Supplies needed to make a bills glitter keychain

UV Resin: This resin cures using sunlight and can be sped up using a simple LED nail lamp. It's perfect for sealing in vinyl decals and mixing with glitter to create fun effects. This resin is self-leveling and ready to use, with no mixing needed.

Tools for working with Resin: Here we're using a disposable plate and a wooden stick for mixing and a plastic scoop for measuring the glitter. Not shown is a Silicone mat to protect my surface and a silicone tool for shaping the resin. Grab this kit, it comes with all of the bits you need to get started with UV resin.

Acrylic Keychain Blank: Here we're using a 2 inch clear heart shaped blank (it's covered with paper in the image to keep it clean. Yours may come with a plastic covering instead.) I buy acrylic blanks that come with tassels and hardware most of the time.

Glitter: For a Buffalo Bills keychain I'm using red, blue, and white glitter to make the background pop. You can choose whatever colors work for your project. I like to buy glitter at, but you can find plenty of options at the craft store too.

UV Light: If you ever went through a DIY nails phase, you might already have one of these at home. Otherwise pick up a small inespensive LED light.

Vinyl Design: Create your own or purchase an SVG if you plan to add a machine cut decal to your keychain. You can get a Buffalo Bills SVG like this one for $2.

How to Make a Glitter Keychain using UV Resin

It's really a pretty easy process once you get the hang of it. It truly reminds me a lot of gel nail polish. A thin layer of glitter infused resin is cured to one side of the acrylic blank, and then another thinner layer of resin seals in a design on the other side.

photo collage showing six steps needed to make resin keychains
  1. Start by mixing your UV resin with glitter to create your glittery background. Spread the resin onto one side of the acrylic blank (after removing the backing) and leave it for a few minutes on a flat surface to self level. Be sure to add enough resin that it reaches the edge of the blank, but not so much that it overflows.
  2. Cure the keychain under the UV light for 90 seconds. Check to see that it's hardened fully. If it's still tacky, add another 30 seconds.
  3. Next you can use your cricut to cut out your vinyl design. Weed the design as needed.
  4. Peel the protective film from the other side of your keychain blank, and apply the vinyl. Seal with a thin, even coat of UV resin, then cure again under the light.
  5. Add the hardware to your keychain. It's done and ready to use!

UV Resin Tips and Tricks

  • If your resin doesn't cure for some reason, place your piece outside in a sunny spot. It should cure fully in about 10 minutes, even on a cloudy day. If you continue to have this issue, you may need a stronger LED light or to switch to a different brand of resin.
  • Silicone tools can be reused over and over again. Simply place the tool under the lamp to cure the resin that's stuck to it. Then peel it off. Reusing your tools is a small way to save a bunch of money if you're making a lot of these crafts to sell.
  • You'll need a pair of jewelry pliers to close up the jump rings.

Can I Sell NFL Branded Merchandise on Etsy?

Truly, no you cannot. Because NFL Logos, including this one, are owned and licensed by the NFL and the respective teams, you can get in trouble for using them on items sold on Etsy. When I say “trouble” I mean that your shop could get shut down or you could be sued. Please do your research to decide what the right thing for you is. I'm not gonna say that it can't be done, but there is a risk.

Pin this tutorial!!

buffalo bills glitter keychain on a white background. Pin image

Hope you try making these, they are so fun! Check out similar resin keychains on Etsy to get an idea of what things sell on Etsy in this category.

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