How to Make a Basket – and Ideas for Selling DIY Baskets online

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Baskets can be as beautiful as they are functional, and as such, everyone needs one! Use these tutorials to learn how to make a basket. Then, learn how to make lots of baskets and market them to sell on Etsy, your own website, or at craft fairs.

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Things to know about selling baskets on Etsy

There are, of course, baskets for sale on Etsy right now. You'll notice a blend of vintage baskets, mass produced baskets being resold, and handmade baskets for sale.

Handmade and hand-embellished baskets are what I want to talk about in this post.

Learning how to make a basket, and basket making in general can be really, really fun. There is something really satisfying about creating a useful vessel that's also attractive and functional. Keep in mind that in order to make a profit from making baskets, you need to mind your supply costs and time.

How to Price Handmade Baskets

This is a basic guideline of how to price handmade baskets. You should use these guidlines as, well, a guide for how you personally set your prices.

  1. Consider your materials cost. This should be relatively straightforward.
  2. Then, add your labor cost. This number will vary among crafters, and is the place where I often see craft businesses losing money. Make sure that you're being paid for your time. I suggest keeping track of how long it took you to make the basket, then multiplying that by minium wage (let's say $15/hr, because we might end up there soon). Is that enough? If not, go higher.
  3. Factor in Competition. You may need to raise or lower the price of your handmade baskets depending on how other people are pricing them in your space.

15 Gorgeous Handmade Basket Tutorials

Use these lovely baskets as an inspiration for making your own unique baskets to sell. Remember that it's not cool to take ideas from others and sell them as your own, but we can all learn and grow from seeing what others are making.

  1. How to Make a Picnic Basket – Lovely Indeed
the inside of a handmade picnic basket

Is there anything more romantic than a picnic basket? You can make this gorgeous and handy basket for that special someone and fill it with all kinds of goodies for a wonderful day together!

  1. DIY Jute Basket (Easter-style) – The Merry Thought
a hand made jut basket with a leather handle, filled with eggs

If you love to crochet, you can make a wonderful basket for Easter or any other special occasion. This jute basket is rustic, beautiful, and large enough to hold any number of items, from yarn to garden harvest!

  1. DIY Painted Basket – Tell Love and Party
a brightly colored painted basket

Even the simplest basket can be spruced up with a little paint and some pom poms. This decorate basket is the perfect place to store yarn, toys, craft supplies, and more. It would make a super cute hamper, too!

  1. Kilim-Inspired Painted Basket – DIY Candy
a kilim inspired painted basket

If you love to paint, just wait to see what you can do to a simple pretty basket with just a little time and creativity. Makes a great addition to your own home or fill it with other lovely items for a great gift!

  1. DIY No-Sew Rope Baskets – Happiness is Homemade
a handmade basket made out of rope.

Even if you don't sew, you can make an attractive and handy rope basket to hold magazines, material, or anything else you need space for. You will soon be wondering how you ever lived without this helpful basket!

  1. Easy DIY Cookie Basket Made From a Paper Plate – It's Always Autumn
a paper plate basket for cookies

Giving someone a delicious treat like a pile of cookies is always fun. And to make them even more fun, package them in this handmade cookie basket made from a paper plate. You can even decorate it to make it extra special. How ingenious! I'm not sure that you could sell this item on Etsy, but paper baskets for food is definitely an idea!

  1. DIY Leather Key Basket – Lovely Indeed
A handmade leather key basket

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes – a fact that is proven by this small and sturdy leather key basket. Sleek and stylish, this is the perfect spot to store your keys, rings, and other trinkets at the end of the day!

  1. DIY Braided Jute Basket – The Merry Thought
a braided jute baket with criss cross handles

When it comes to making baskets, jute is a wonderful product to work with. Simple, strong, and rustic, jute looks so good in a braided creation like this easy and flexible basket. Use for crafts or storage or in place of a purse – this braided basket is a great gift, too!

  1. DIY Cotton Clothesline Baskets – Lia Griffith
bakets handmade from cotton clothesline

Would it surprise you to learn that all you really need to make a custom basket is a nice length of clothesline? Inexpensive and readily available at every hardware store, this wonder material makes it easy to make any kind of basket you need!

  1. Rainbow Coil and Crochet Basket – My Poppet
Crocheted coil basket in rainbow colors

If you love to crochet, you have got to check out this cool basket pattern. These little coil baskets are so creative and flexible. You can make them any size and color that you want, depending on what you want to store. Or make a set and fill them full of treasures for a great gift!

  1. DIY Fabric Gift Basket – Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom
Gift basket made from babric

I love this fabric gift box, as the directions make it easy to create a custom box for every gift-giving occasion. Customize your box further to really reflect something about the person you are giving the gift to. After all, everyone can use a good, attractive box!

  1. Fruit-Inspired Storage Baskets – Studio DIY
a pink rope basket decorated to look like a strawberry

These storage baskets are so fun and whimsical, I want to go buy the supplies to make a couple of them immediately. These tall baskets make excellent hampers, attractive trash cans, and a playful vase when filled with dried flowers. Let your imagination run wild!

  1. DIY Painted Woven Basket – Lovely Indeed
how to paint a woven basket

Another variation of a painted basket – this one encourages your personal creativity. All you need is some paint in your favorite colors and an inexpensive woven basket. Grab a brush and set your inner artist free!

  1. DIY Bike Basket – The Merry Thought
a vintage schwinn bike with a floral basket

If you enjoy a nice, relaxing bike ride, why not have a basket in which you can store any treasures you find until you get home? This blogger shows you how easy and inexpensive it is to add your own little country-style basket to your favorite bike!

  1. DIY Wrapped Basket – Tell Love and Party
bakets with the lids wrapped in silk

Sometimes it isn't so much about creating the basket as it is about making it your own. Check out this cool way you can wrap an IKEA basket to make it fit your own unique decor!

Basket Making Supplies

Want to learn traditional basket weaving? I suggest finding a local class, or you can buy a beginners kit to get a feel for it before jumping in.

Decorating premade baskets with paint, flowers, or other embellishments would be a great starting place for making baskets to sell. These are priced well for re-sale.

Ready to start making your own baskets with jute rope or cotton cord?

Quick disclaimer: Bingecrafter does not guarantee that if you make these things that you'll make money. You need to put in the work and do your own research to be sure that you can be profitable with any type of business.

photo collage of images of handmade baskets


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