Easy Crafts to Make and Sell: Lots of Ideas!

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I'm sharing a whole pile of fun tutorials from some of the best creative minds on the web. Use these as inspiration when deciding what crafts to make and sell.

I see you. You want to use all of that creative energy inside of you to make some money. You love crafting, but don’t exactly know what to make that people will want to buy from you. 

Photo collage of Crafts that can be made and sold

So, what crafts should you make and sell on Etsy? What crafts will sell at craft shows? 

There is no easy answer to this. Honestly, I believe for everything a person can make, there is someone out there who will want to buy it. That said, not everything you make will be profitable or popular. 

Choose one or two simple crafts to start with. Learn to do them well, make a couple, and test the waters.

Here are some tutorials from the best crafty minds on the internet, all for items that are easy to make, and have good potential for selling either online or at in person shows. 

A big NOTE! Please don’t blatantly rip off other artists and crafters. If you like these ideas, use them as inspiration, don’t make them exactly the same.  That’s just not cool.

Did you know that you can also sell things on Etsy that aren't crafts? Check out some ideas for printables, vintage items, and more!

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Sewing Crafts to Make and Sell

If you know your way around a sewing machine, put that skill to good use creating items to sell on Etsy or locally.

sandwich in a reusable beeswax food wrap

Reusable Food Wraps by CraftInvaders

Ok, it's not really sewing, but it is a fabric craft, so it goes here! You can absolutely use this tutorial to make sewn beeswax food bags though. Sets of pretty patterned beeswax food wraps sell for around $15 on Etsy.

blue floral infinity scarf

Double Sided Infinity Scarf by HappiestCamper

Here’s an easy tutorial for a double sided infinity scarf that would be super simple to put your own creative spin on and sell on Etsy or craft fairs. I’m imagining a beautiful table filled with mannequin busts with fab scarves on!

child wearing a handmade apron

Ruffled Kids Apron by CoffeeWithUs3

There will always be a big market for cute clothes for kids. An adorable apron for kids to wear while they help you cook? Yes please!  Expect to be able to sell hand sewn kids aprons for $20 or more.

Adding personalization to this, or any kids item will make it extra marketable.

handmade mug cozy with a print of a fox with glasses on it.

Coffee Mug Cozy Tutorial from BeginnerSewingProjects

I have so many ideas of how I would make these in other fabrics and themes! Add some personalization using embroidery and you’d really have a great idea. Create excellent packaging and you can wholesale these to local coffee shops and cafes.

Woodworking Crafts to Make and Sell

Wood items tend to be housewares, and are therefore a need as much as a want for buyers. Make sure your wood projects are modern and well-made and you'll definitely be able to sell them.

x shaped wooden magazine holder, idea of crafts to sell

Wooden Magazine Holder from DrugStoreDivas

I really like the way this magazine holder looks, and it’s a functional piece that will fit in any home. Learn to make these really well and you’ll be on your way to a small furniture making empire! Think about how you could personalize this using your cutting machine, paint, or other types of materials. 

wooden block shaped like michigan.

Wooden State Blocks from Dollar Crafter

Hooray for state pride! Here you see Michigan, but this craft can be made in the shape of any state with the help of a scroll saw. This is the type of craft that I’d love to collaborate on with my husband. He’s great at using power tools, and I prefer to work on details and marketing. Look at that, a family business!

handmade wooden tray with a loaf of bread and a jar of jam on it.

Wooden Serving Tray by DrugStoreDivas

Another awesome woodworking tutorial from Drugstoredivas. This cool tray is made using what could be scraps of hardwood flooring and door trim. Crafts that are made from wood scraps are some of my favorites because I get to use things that would otherwise be seen as waste.

Housewares and Decor to Make and Sell

These are some of the most fun items to make, and people love finding unique items to decorate their homes with.

pinecone coated with blue wax. Firestarters are a type of craft to make and sell

Fire Starter Pine Cones by OttawaMommyClub

Pine Cone Fire Starters are really fun to make, and can also be profitable. You can make crafts out of found items like pine cones, acorns, and other outdoor items. You can also purchase these things just for craft making. (You guys, You can even pick pinecones off the ground and SELL them on Etsy. Free Money!) Fire Starters come in all sorts on Etsy, just take a look at some of the creative ways people are marketing them.

handmade scented candles in glass jars embellished with beads

Scented Candles by CraftsyHacks

Another wax project that is fairly simple are candles. These are made by upcycling glass jars and embellishing with beads and such. Decorative candles, as well as candles that smell really good are often great sellers at in person craft fairs.

Candle Making Supplies can get expensive. Want to dabble a bit before going all-in? Try a starter kit for under $40.

fancy air dry clay trinket dish DIY

Air Dry Clay Trinket Dish by Colorfulcraftcorner

This trinket dish is so pretty! It’s made with air dry clay, and has a really fun pattern on it. If I were to sell items like this, I would probably practice to make sure I had strong pieces that would last a long time. And once I got good at air dry clay, I’d probably move on to ceramic or fired clay to make things that were worth even more money.

handmade evergreen wreath/

Evergreen Wreath by SustainMyCraftHabit

This is the perfect side hustle crafty project! I might even do this myself if I find the time. Use a tree in your yard and make evergreen wreaths. If you time it right you can sell them right before Christmas and make a killing. No yard? Head to a Christmas tree farm nearby and ask what they are doing with all of those broken branches. They might hand them over, or charge you a few bucks to take them away.

photo frame embellished with faux flowers

Picture Frame with Flowers from ByDeze

A little boho decor is so on-trend right now! I love this for a teen’s bedroom. Something like this might not be simple to ship, so I would create faux floral items for local sale, or learn how to be extremely good at carefully shipping them.

Felt bookmark that says i heart books. a great idea of a craft to sell.

DIY Felt Embroidered Bookmark By Colorfulcraftcorner

I really like the creativity in this project. It’s a round bookmark on a thin ribbon. It’s different and adorable. I’ve learned that people who like to read generally really like bookmarks. I am sorry to admit this, but I’m the kind of monster who dog-ears pages… 

In any case, people definitely buy bookmarks on Etsy. They will sell at craft shows as well because they are generally a low price item. Check out the variety of different embroidered bookmarks selling on Etsy right now. 

handmade 2nd birthday pinata

Birthday Pinata by LittleLadoo

I LOVE this! If you can make this pinata look and function better than a Party City pinata and cost around the same you can definitely sell these locally. Sell them pre-filled with allergy-friendly candy and you’ll be a savior to someone who’s struggling to plan a 1st graders birthday party. 

Party supplies sell well because we all want a hand-made party look, but we don’t all have the time or the talent to make all the things! 
On Etsy, I see quite a few not hand made pinatas, but I also see one seller with a party supply store with quite a few sales, and she makes adorable mini pinata gifts using a similar method as this.

small white pedestal crafts

Mini Pedestals

I shared this simple wood craft earlier this week. It's literally a 10 minute craft that you could sell in a hot second!

DIY Bath and Body Crafts to Make and Sell

Everyone wants to be clean and smell good, right? Learn how to make some simple (or complicated, if you like) bath and body projects to sell.

two blocks of handmade soeap wrapped in paper.

Homemade Lotion Bars by AsForMeAndMyHomestead

This is an excellent tutorial for making lotion bars. Soaps and lotions really aren’t difficult, but they can take time, and some tinkering. There is definitely a market on Etsy for lotion and solid lotion bars. This type of product can get tricky to ship, so be sure to consider that. You wouldn’t want to be sending melted cocoa butter around the country. This would be a lovely item to have at craft shows too, especially if they smell amazing. 

bumpy massage soap, four bars.

Massage Soap Bars by TheBlogStuff

Another easy bath and body DIY! There are many, many listings for bars in this exact shape on Etsy, so you know that there’s a market for them. Prices vary from $5-$10 per bar. The higher priced ones have add-ins and layers, so the more complicated the soap, the more you can potentially sell it for.

white and purple lavender bath bombs

Lavender Bath Bombs by CraftsbyAmanda

Bath bombs grew in popularity a few years ago, and as far as I can tell they aren’t going anywhere. Well made, great smelling, and perfectly packaged bath bombs sell. I really like the fresh lavender she added to these. It adds that extra bit of special.

Go Ahead and Pin This so you can refer back to it later. There are a LOT of ideas here!

If you're interested in Macrame, I've found some of the very best macrame starter kits that you can order and get started right away!

Photo collage of Crafts that can be made and sold

Quick disclaimer: Bingecrafter does not guarantee that if you make these things that you'll make money. You need to put in the work and do your own research to be sure that you can be profitable with any type of business.

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